Native Foods Restaurant Review – Making Plant-Based Food Everyone Will Enjoy

Gastropub Burger (Courtesy Native Foods)
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Plant-based food has become more and more mainstream and the options can continue to grow, but long before this was a popular diet, there was Native Foods bringing it mainstream in 1994. Native Foods has now taken plant-based nationwide with a menu that is regardless of what your palate might be inclined to enjoy.

Trying to find that balance of natural plant-based ingredients, environmental sustainability and animal welfare to go along with incredible tasting food is tough to accomplish. Native Foods brings all of those together and it truly has a menu that offers a plethora of tasty options that are made-from-scratch with environmentally sustainable ingredients, non-GMO and sourced from local producers whenever possible.

Meatball Sub (Courtesy Native Foods)

Native Foods definitely gives you elevated ingredients but they do it in the form of some of the great classic, casual menu items that you would see at any restaurant you have historically dined at. There really is no food more telling of what Native Foods offers up than their nachos. Nachos are a food that almost everyone loves and there are a wide range of varieties and those versions tend not too be healthy. What Native Foods did was give you a very flavorful version of this dish that is definitely minus the grease, fat and that general uneasy feeling once you are done. This dish has to begin with the cashew cheese, if you have not tried this vegan version of cheese, it has all the flavor of real cheese and a texture to match. Add to that all the ingredients you normally love in nachos such as: corn tortilla chips, black beans, cashew cheese, chipotle sauce, salsa fresca, roasted corn, green onions, cilantro, jalapeño slices and then you can choose from plant-based taco meat or plant-based barbeque chicken add-ons. Once you order this dish you are more than likely to like the vegan version over the non-vegan version most people have eaten over the years.

Native Foods has wide variety of burgers, including a BBQ brisket burger, chicken sandwiches, a Reuben and a mouth-watering meatball sub with spicy marinara and plant-based provolone. They really have created a menu that takes you well beyond the basics, you are going to find sandwiches that you wouldn’t expect from a plant-based restaurant and they are all memorable well beyond the fact they are all plant-based.

Bánh-Mì Sandwich (Courtesy Native Foods)

One of the great parts of the Native Foods menu is the fact that they are always adding a special seasonal item that is usually far outside of the normal menu for you to experience. From March 11th through the 25th all Native Foods locations will be offering a Bánh-Mì Sandwich with a side for $13.75. The Bánh Mì sandwich is inspired by traditional Vietnamese flavors, with bánh mì-style seitan, pickled jalapeños, pickled carrots, pickled jicama, finished with sriracha aioli and fresh cilantro on a toasted baguette.

Orange Cauliflower (Courtesy Native Foods)

The entrees at Native Foods are very unique with dishes such as orange cauliflower and cauliflower chickpea shawarma. The orange cauliflower is centered around the wonderfully crisp breaded cauliflower that is smothered in orange sauce, paired with fried brown rice and topped with vegetables, tofu scramble and sesame seeds. The shawarma has an abundance of flavors to go with the chickpea based shawarma, quinoa and everything you would find in this Mediterranean dish. Make sure to finish it with the crispy tempeh to add a wonderful texture and different flavor to the dish.

Native Foods was created not for any one specific person and their food choices, it was made so that everyone can have a plant-based meal and truly enjoy it. They have succeeded in that and created a menu with so many layers and so much depth, it will keep you coming back time and time again.

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