Vampire Burt’s Serenade Review – Sex, Drugs, Monsters, and Song

Kevin Scott Richardson (Center), Daniele Watts, Sharyn-Genel Gabriel, Denna Thomsen, and Lake Sharp in VAMPIRE BURT'S SERENADE - Photo by Kristin Richardson
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With Vampire Burt’s Serenade, producer Kenneth Hughes adds to his group of genre-diverse films, including Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk, Einstein’s God Model, and Fell, Jumped, or Pushed. A motion picture that strides handily between horror, musical, and comedy, Vampire Burt’s Serenade provides a rock musical which may be on its way to becoming a cult classic.

Kenneth Hughes – Photo by Kristin Richardson

Written and directed by Ken Roht, Vampire Burt’s Serenade showcases music by Paul Goldowitz in this Indie movie about – what else – singing vampires. With some zombies thrown in for good measure. When Vampire Burt (Kevin Scott Richardson of the Backstreet Boys) visits the Hollywood club scene, blood and guts erupt with a vengeance. With a soupcon of sexuality to add spice to the mixture. To insure authenticity, much of the film was shot at the Bootleg, a theater and rock club, in Los Angeles.

Denna Thomsen, Sharyn-Genel Gabriel, Daniele Watts, and Lake Sharp – Photo by Kristin Richardson

When Burt grabs the sexy songstress Connie (Diva Zappa, daughter of Frank Zappa) and she reawakens as a zombie, a bevy of shapely strippers decide to kill Burt for targeting one of their own. Meanwhile, Burt’s buddy decides that a bisexual vampire has double the fun. Amidst spewing blood and lots of lace-swathed sweaty skin, things heat up pretty quickly.

Clay Wilcox, Marx Faugno, and Diva Zappa – Photo by Kristin Richardson

Filmed in shades of black and red, Vampire Burt’s Serenade, projects a sense of mystery, excitement, violence, and rock and rolling music as a bunch of very naughty folks make their mark in cinematic splashes. Clearly, costumes were designed with “less is more” in mind. Special effects also have a heyday as blood drops cascade from almost everyone and ear-popping music reverberates throughout. There are quite a few good voices among the cast, who serenade the audience with a variety of musical styles paced from rhythmic to outright percussive.

Kevin Scott Richardson – Photo by Kristin Richardson

This is a tale of monstrous humans dealing with likeable monsters as they sing and dance their way through 76 minutes of dark and drug-addled fun. Vampire Burt’s Serenade will delight its targeted audience, who will probably plan to return for a second peek.

Graphics courtesy of VAMPIRE BURT’S SERENADE

Vampire Burt’s Serenade debuted in digital release on May 8, 2020 at Amazon Pay and Amazon Prime for $1.99 ($9.99 for purchase). It is also available to view on You Tube ($1.99) and Google Prime ($1.99).


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