Sixth St Tavern Review – Elevating Your Football Experience

Sixth St. Tavern
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When you walk into the Sixth St Tavern you will instantly get that inviting and comfortable feeling that only a local tavern can give you. The one main difference is that they have taken that experience to a highly elevated level, from the setting, to the beer and the food, creating the place to be in Los Angeles for any game time experience.

Sixth St. Tavern

The Sixth St Tavern sets itself from any other tavern from the moment you walk in and you see the beautiful design that transitions from rustic wood panels to classic brick walls and a wonderful patio that lets you get a feel of the city while enjoying the tavern. Now that you feel at home, you can turn your eyes to all of the televisions to catch all of the football games and then onto the menu.

Brussels Sprouts

Not only does Sixth St Tavern have one of the best happy hour menus you will find in Los Angeles during the week, they are one of the few spots that will also give you some great deals during Sunday football. You can choose from a juicy burger and fries for $12 or the boneless Buffalo bites for $6. The Buffalo bites are unlike other wings as Sixth St Tavern uses the thigh of the chicken, this provides you with a more moist bite and even though the breading comes out crisp, it doesn’t take away from the moistness inside. The happy hour is from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. during the week and you are going to find a little bit of everything, including; hummus, a giant hot pretzel, a burger and their special wild fries. You can also choose from wine and beer specials but if you love cocktails, you will be hard pressed to find cocktails prepared as well as the whiskey sour or dark & stormy for only $7.

Boneless Wings
Old Rasputin Stout

The beer list will please any football fan and most definitely any beer fan. From the stout side of beers they give you the big and bold flavor of the North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin and then bring something a little more subtle and light in the Arts District McCasey. They also have two beers on tap from a small, yet fantastic brewery out of Oceanside, Bagby Beer Company. They have the Bagby Sweet Ride and the Bagby Fancy Pants, a dark lager that is very smooth and light but still loaded with flavor. You will also find beers from; Lost Abbey, Green Flash, Bruery Terreux and many more.

Braised Beef Sandwich with Salad
Broadway Smash

If you are looking for a new spot in downtown Los Angeles to enjoy football games on the weekend or meet friends after work and be wowed by a menu that says tavern then Sixth St Tavern is made for you. In a day an age when you probably have friends who enjoy a unique beer, cocktail or a little vegan food, this is a wonderful setting that will not only please everyone, but it will keep you coming back again and again.

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