A Conversation with Tribute Artist Vegas McGraw

photo courtesy of Vegas Magraw
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By Kathy Carpenter

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everyhwere.”— Tim McGraw

As we transition into Fall, and summer days are fading in the background, memories linger. Summer is filled with county fairs, country fairs, and everything in-between. The fragrance of cotton candy, screams from the ferris wheel, and the chance to discover new singers. For me, I discovered the talented Vegas McGraw. The San Diego audience was slow to warm up to McGraw’s charm but by the end of the show we were avid new fans. 

photo courtesy of Vegas MaGraw

With a charismatic stage presence, a voice reminiscent of a country legend, and a flair for showmanship Vegas McGraw has carved a unique niche in the music industry. As a tribute artist paying homage to the iconic Tim McGraw, he’s not just an impersonator but a performer who embodies the spirit and soul of the country superstar. In this interview, we dive into the world of Vegas McGraw, exploring his journey, his passion for music, and the magic that happens every time he steps onto the stage. Join us as we uncover the man behind the music, the dedication behind the tribute, and the heart that beats within the boots.

What attracted you to Tim McGraw’s music, and how do you make sure that your performances honor the essence and emotional depth of his songs while still reflecting your own artistic identity?

I first heard him in 1992/93 and instantly loved his style, his music and thought WOW I sound a lot like this guy when I sing along with him.

photo courtesy of Vegas MaGraw

Tim McGraw has an extensive catalog of hits spanning various genres and eras. How do you curate your setlist to strike a balance between fan favorites and lesser-known gems?

I always create a set list as a fan! I think if I were at his show what would I personally want to hear. I also feel the vibe of the venue, sometimes before I write the set list. Is it an outdoor show, does it look like an older audience?

Are there any particular songs that hold special significance for you personally? 

I love ‘ Indian Outlaw”. It came out right before my senior year of HS, our mascot was the Indians, I was the quarterback of the football team that went to the state championship game, so it was like my theme song for the team! It was perfect timing. I also enjoyI  ‘Like It I Love It..” People all over the world sing that one back to you on stage! 

photo courtesy of Vegas Magraw

As a tribute artist paying homage to McGraw’s music and keeping his legacy alive, how do you approach your performances to ensure that you honor his musical style, stage presence, and overall persona while also creating an engaging and immersive experience that resonates with your dedicated fan base?

Work myself like crazy, that’s how! This is a 24/7 job that I take very seriously. I make sure I keep myself in peak physical condition the best that I can with or without sleep. My goal is to make sure that his fans leave my show happy!

Tim McGraw has had a long and successful career in the music industry. As a performer honoring his music, what are some of the challenges and rewards you have experienced in paying tribute to such an iconic artist?

My only challenge is personal behind the scenes making it all happen from booking all the airfare for everyone involved, booking the shows, producing the shows, setting up ground transportation to get to the shows and managing the band. You can and will never make everyone happy, but I always try to put myself last and do my best to be the hardest worker in the room either on stage or behind the scenes. I’m very grateful to all the band members along the journey and grateful to any booking agencies that have helped me add shows to my personal booking. Every show matters and every show helps. 

In the age of social media, fans have more direct access to artists than ever before. How do you engage with your fans online, and how important is it for you to maintain a connection with them beyond the stage?

I try my best to engage and answer messages and I love getting feedback from shows or charity events that I have been a part of. My girlfriend Trista Touchstone is also getting more involved to make sure I don’t miss anyone because I can only do so much. A lot of the time when I’m driving to the next show I ask her to check all platforms to help save time and make sure I respond timely. I don’t sleep much and I’m my own worst critic. I’m very good at just understanding that no matter what I do I can’t make everyone happy as mentioned above. 

photo courtesy of Vegas MaGraw

Can you share any exciting upcoming plans or projects you have in store for your fans?  Are there any shows or anything on the horizon that you’re particularly excited about? 

So much going on including another TV casting call for a new TV show on a major network. After winning episode 3 on Clash of the Cover Bands produced by Jimmy Fallon it got me thinking that I would love to be a part of another TV show. I believe anything is possible. I grew up in a small town in West Virginia where most folks don’t dream so big.  It wasn’t until my best friend died in a car accident that made me realize life is short and you better get to living it. West Virginia taught me how to work hard and treat people with respect, love and compassion. As for other things going on I still have a ton of show dates left this year spanning all over the U.S. My goal will always stay busy, get booked, provide for my family and make no excuses.

In the world of music and tribute artists, Vegas McGraw’s/Adam Tucker, working out of Las Vegas, unwavering commitment to honoring Tim McGraw’s legendary music with his unique magnetic energy on stage, leaves his audiences  with cherished memories.

photo courtesy of Vegas MaGraw




  1. My husband and I personally have known Adam since 2004 when he did this with agent and we booked him thru our job many times. I am thankful he has done all this himself and become the best at what he does. There is many things that we have seen and been around with him even thru distance, however you cannot get a more honest, pure, dedicated, and most of all true to his family and friends. This man is one person that you want in your circle and honored to be in it. Adam is one special person and never takes things for granted and many can learn from him. Thank you!

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