SailGP Navy Pier Event – Featuring The Hidden Sea Wine

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On Saturday, June 19 and Sunday, June 19, 2022, for the first time in SailPG history, this renowned international sailing competition was hosted in Chicago at Navy Pier. It was a very exciting weekend event for sailing enthusiasts and spectators alike. 

Crowd watching the boat race

My guests and I had the honor of attending SailGP with seating in the Adrenaline Lounge hospitality suite, which provided us with amazing views of the sailboats, crowds, Navy Pier and Lake Michigan. 

Adrenaline Lounge viewing area
Crowds waiting for the races to start

While watching the exciting sailboat racing, we stopped by the event’s featured wine tasting for The Hidden Sea, a premium wine company committed to removing plastic from the ocean. This mission includes removing 1 billion plastic bottles from the ocean by 2030, and Sail GP’s goal aims to be the world’s most sustainable global sports and entertainment platform. The Hidden Sea wine brand has been named the racing series’ “Official Global Wine Partner.”

Ramon, our fantastic wine tasting host
The Hidden Sea Wine

Our wine tasting host, Ramon, was helpful and accommodating. He even took the time to take our group photo, which was very generous of him while on wine tasting duty. The wines were very approachable and refreshing to sip on a beautiful, hot Chicago day by the lake. I especially enjoyed the Rose and red blend. 

Adrenaline Lounge buffet
Adrenaline Lounge buffet

SailGP also offered a delicious buffet of food and drink. It was delightful with an excellent selection of savory and sweet choices such as grilled salmon, local popcorn, a cheese charcuterie board, grilled vegetables, salads, dips, crab cakes, charred bean tacos, sesame chicken skewers with Asian mustard glaze, and fruits and cream pies for dessert. 

The large screen showed a live stream of close-up views for the crowds

While I am no expert on sailing, the event was very exciting to watch and I learned a lot from my two guests, who enjoy sailing in all forms, and they are also very knowledgeable about this sport. It was quite the experience to view the beautiful, majestic racing boats that participated along Chicago’s lovely skyline. 

Australia was the SailGP wine

The summer weather that Sunday at Navy Pier was absolutely perfect for SailGP. One guest who owns a travel agency was an individual who noticed and took into account the challenges of managing large events, such as this one. We all noticed and appreciated the presence of the hired associates that worked so hard to ensure SailGP was a safe and enjoyable event. It really does takes a team to run an event of this magnitude, and all of the hard work of everyone involved didn’t go unnoticed. 

There were so many beautiful racing boats out that day

One of the best parts of the entire event was the educational component. The Jr. Yacht Club was recognized as active participants, and were able to actively participate in the competition. The team only had Rothko one week to practice and prepare. This helped to inspire the next generation to experience the freedom, peace, life lessons and lifestyles that can be found in sailing. 

While the overall event was an amazing experience, finding the event itself at Navy Pier was a bit confusing. It was not easy to navigate, as there was little signage or direction about where to go. The Adrenaline lounge signs were outside by a boat and next to the building, and they were small, and very easy to walk past without noticing. Additional signage or volunteers to guide people would be very helpful and recommended for next time. As for the amazing seating provided to watch the races, arriving early was imperative to getting a good seat. It was very nice to have the option of sitting inside with air conditioning, or outside in some shade with the heat. This was a memorable day.

Photos: Jennifer Lunz 

For more information on SailGP, checkout the website. Click this link for information on The Hidden Sea wine brand. 


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