Earth Day 2022 – Find Something New for You and Good for the Earth

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All products in this guide either give back to a nature conservation group or effort, celebrate the Earth and green living, or they use renewable, recyclable, compostable, etc. products and/or are made from recycled products. We hope you enjoy these items and join with us to keep nature alive and well!

LARQ Bottle Filtered

Global hydration brand LARQ newest member, the LARQ Bottle Filtered, features Nano Zero Filter technology to easily removes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and particulates – furthering LARQ’s mission to provide an easy and sustainable option for everyone to access clean water. The bottle also introduces a new flip-up straw design and innovative low-pressure system to LARQ’s award-winning bottle design to ensure seamless one-handed sips, perfect for hikes, bikes, more. 

Created to further LARQ’s mission to provide greater access to clean water while lowering dependency of single use plastic, the Bottle Filtered is capable of replacing up to 300 single-use plastic bottles per cartridge. Additionally, the bottle is fully compatible with the LARQ PureVis™ cap for easy swap-and-go to filter and purify water of all contaminants on-the-go.

The LARQ Bottle Filtered is available in Obsidian Black and Granite White for $48 USD (17oz/500ml) and $58 USD (25oz/740ml).

$48+ Buy now!

Simply Jellin

Your beauty regimen just got better for you and the environment with Simply Jellin, a sustainable carbon-neutral “no water needed” jelly mask. This 2-step, zero-waste, the pre-measured jelly mask uses ONLY clean ingredients from the heart of Korea and has been passionately formulated and packaged with both you and our planet in mind.

It’s packaged in 100% recyclable tubes. The raw material is green polyethylene, which, as opposed to fossil-based material or environment-endangering plastics, is derived from the all-natural, 100% renewable resource – sugarcane. Furthermore, since sugarcane absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows, Simply Jellin’s carbon footprint is 50% better than traditional tubes. 

$35.64 Buy now!

Funkins – The Very Hungry Caterpillar Line

This hungry caterpillar loves greener lunches. They’re perfect for on the go, outside picnics and more! This mom-founded brand is eco-friendly, designing waste-free items that wash up beautifully and are super durable for years to come. Just toss them in the washer, and they’re ready to use. Funkins uses low-impact, non-toxic dyes and fabrics. These reusable items provide a planet-loving alternative to paper towels, napkins, and synthetic tablecloths.

$24.95+ Buy now!

O’o Hawaii

Skincare that’s just as kind to your skin as it is to mother earth! O’o Hawaii is a cruelty-free and sustainable line that ensures that the natural resources of its ingredients are preserved and protected. The brand focuses on keeping things simple to achieve its ultimate beauty goals of healthy, glowing skin from the inside out.  At the root are antioxidants grown in Hawaii’s nutrient-rich, volcanic ash soil, exclusive Triple Boosting Complexes™, and real crystals from nature. All products are non-GMO, vegetarian and cruelty-free with reusable packaging. The brand’s integrative skincare is made to enrich skin by giving it the nutrients needed for anti-aging and protection against harsh environmental hazards of daily life, such as UV damage. Founder Holly Harding is an expert in integrative nutrition and realized the disconnect between internal nutrition and external skincare. So, she created a line with both skincare and oral supplements. For every online sale, O’o Hawaii donates $1.00 to the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center Discovery Forest program.

$24+ Buy now!

SK*P (Simply be Kind to our Planet)

sk*p is a clean hair and body care brand on a mission to break the beauty industry’s addiction to plastic one carton at a time.  Packaged in a 100% recyclable shower sturdy paper-based BeautyCarton™ — with microbiome-balancing ingredients on the inside — sk*p was inspired by the generation it was created for, a generation that’s into self-care and eco-aware. The brand is committed to fighting climate change through support of Sea Trees and Earth Day Network, and by supporting young change-makers through a variety of programs including the industry’s first all youth board of directors.

$18 Buy now!

Love Project Flip Flop Bracelet

Saving the Earth while wearing gorgeous bracelets? Yes please! Love Project is excited to partner with Ocean Sole in Kenya to create an exclusive recycled flip flop bracelets that creates jobs for artisans as well as cleans the beaches. Each bead is hand cut and all bracelets are unique. Ocean Sole is a Social Enterprise that removes trash from the oceans, coastlines and makes art to support marine conservation, whilst creating employment opportunities in high-impact areas. For every $20 spent, Ocean Sole collects and upcycles 146 pounds of ocean trash.

Each piece is made with care and love. Each product begins as a flip-flop on someone’s feet, then it’s thrown out and ends up in the ocean. They collect it, clean it, compress it and then carve it into beautiful art to be revived again with love. Through the process, oceans are cleaned, jobs are provided, masterpieces are made, and in the end, you get something truly special and unique. These colorful upcycled bracelets will put a smile on your face whenever you wear them!

$18 Buy now!

One Earth by Eileen Spinelli

Celebrate our planet and discover easy ways to take care of it with this picture book that’s perfect for budding environmentalists and nature lovers.

Kids can count reasons to love the planet and ways to protect it in the pages of this conservation-themed book. Gentle verse reminds the reader of Earth’s beauties–starting with “one wide sweeping sky, two honey bees” and continuing all the way to “ten fields to plow.” The text then starts counting backwards, listing simple ways children can help, such as reducing waste and reusing items. The conclusion takes us back to number one with the book’s key message: “One Earth so beautiful. Remember–only one.” At once celebration and challenge, this book will encourage children to take better care of the planet.

Follow Worthy Kids Books on Instagram for more fun book ideas.

$15.59 Buy now!


Protect your lips from wrinkles while minimizing plastic waste with this reusable straw and tumbler! Ever wonder how some people always have luscious, healthy, and young-looking lips? Well, there’s a safe and all-natural way to achieve just that and it doesn’t take a trip to a doctor’s office! It all has to do with how you use a straw. Introducing LipSips, the reusable food-grade silicone device that prevents lip wrinkles. Attach it to any drinking straw and enjoy a better way to drink your favorite beverages.

$14.95+ Buy now!

Reusable Recycling Bags from

These best-selling Reusable Recycling Bags are chic and inexpensive home decor. Super sturdy, these bags stand on their own with reinforced handles to make carrying a snap. No more worries of soggy paper bags with handles that break mid-carry. They will brighten up the everyday task of recycling. They do good while looking good.

$13.99 Buy now!


OLITA handles all sun care needs for the entire family with top rated and verified EWG products. This mom-owned brand offers all suncare essentials, from mineral sunscreen to their popular Beach Be Gone sand remover body powder. There is no need to go anywhere else when stocking up for the family. There is nothing harmful in any of these organic products – not for you or coral reefs. OLITA was awarded EWG’s safest sunscreen for kids and babies in 2020 and 2021 as well as Parent Magazine’s safest sunscreen for kids in 2021. OLITA also donates a portion of every sale to ocean conservation by partnering with the Coral Reef Alliance. That’s protection with a purpose.

$5 – $20 Buy now!

Dial Concentrated Refills

Reduce, Reuse, Reimagine Clean! With NEW Dial Concentrated Refills, you can get the Dial clean you can count on, now with 95% less plastic.

This new packaging innovation from Dial, is a sustainable step towards a more low-waste future. Imagine how many hand wash bottles you toss in a year – now, you can say goodbye to that as each Dial Concentrated Refill packet mixes with water to make a full-size bottle of Dial Foaming Hand Wash. The cartons are also made with 100% paper-based cardboard and the packets are recyclable through Dial’s partnership with TerraCycle®.

Dial’s Commitment to Sustainability:

  • Dial is collaborating with organizations like TerraCycle® to help consumers easily recycle Dial pumps, caps, bar packaging (the plastic wrap and waxed paper), and concentrated refill packets. We have also redesigned our Dial Liquid Hand Soap refill bottles to be made with 100% Social Plastic® from Plastic Bank (excluding the cap). This sustainable switch will help save over 6 million pounds of carbon emissions in 2022 by using 100% PCR for our refill bottles. 
  • Dial Foaming Hand Wash Concentrated Refills help reduce carbon emissions in transportation by 85%

$4.97 Buy now!

Biotrue eye products

Bausch + Lomb, the makers of BiBiotrue ONEday® daily disposable contact lenses (and other eye care products) has partnered with with TerraCycle® to develop the first and only contact lens recycling program available in the U.S.A. In addition to keeping these lenses out of landfills and waterways, the collected lens waste is separated and melted into plastic pellets, which can be combined with other recycled products to become playground sets and park benches. In addition to their recycle program, Biotrue® ONEday daily disposables are manufactured in facilities that have adopted zero-waste-to-landfill initiatives, achieving recent diversion rates of 94-99%.

Not only are they good for the environment but they are good for your eyes as well. The contact lenses maintain their moisture for 16 hours and have UVA/UVB protection. They offer a free trial and have an awards program.

To show their commitment in helping preserve our oceans, they made a 2021 holiday donation to Save the Whales organization.

Prices vary. Buy now!

Baesix Skincare

Baesix (/ˈbasics/) is your vegan, organic, cruelty-free, inclusive & eco-responsible simple, skincare routine for happy skin everyday! Baesix skincare is ONLY SIX steps to healthier skin! The “BAE” means “Before Anyone Else” – meaning love yourself first then others will fall in love with you too; and the “SIX” stands for the six simple steps to follow for glowing, healthy skin! Baesix developed their unique formulas from scratch in Korea with a focus on healthy hydration and bioactive nourishment. They use 100% organically certified bamboo in their products. As one of nature’s richest sources of silica; bamboo extract is known to stimulate the production of collagen, loaded with antioxidants that combat free radicals, and boasts potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.

Not only are the products AMAZINGLY good for your skin, but the packaging is AMAZINGLY good for our planet! Their packaging is either biodegradable or 100% recyclable. Their bottles are made from corn starch and bamboo, their tins are aluminum, their paper is FSC certified and refills sachets are made from sugarcane!

Prices vary. Buy now!

*All images courtesy of respective companies/marketing partners

*Feature image by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash


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