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Carbohydrates and gluten, two things that a lot of people are trying to fully eliminate or at least cut partially out of their diet. Cutting those two things also cut out a lot of the things that people have come to enjoy eating. Impasta® allows you to avoid both of those, while still enjoying all the flavor and goodness that pasta and pizza have historically delivered to your taste buds.

Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Salmon

Filling the void of delicious dishes that can accommodate most specialty and restricted diets, Impasta® allows you to spoil yourself without compromising your lifestyle. From the house-made cauliflower pizza and gnocchi (try with pesto, fresh ricotta cheese and toasted pine nuts) to 7 varieties of plant-based noodles, Impasta provides a nourishing menu that fulfills your hunger and leaves you satisfied. For more education about Impasta’s wholesome choices and nutritional information, click here. Impasta has a great selection of dishes, but for guests who have Celiac Disease or are avoiding nuts, eggs, dairy and gluten, you can customize your meals easily.

Truffle Mushroom

The vegan side of the menu is just as tasty and full of options. The truffle mushroom dish is centered around the perfectly cooked squash tagliatelle. Once again, they have perfected every aspect of the tagliatelle pasta and then dish is loaded with mushrooms, a subtle white wine and a truffle mushroom sauce. There is also a vegan lasagna with eggplant zucchini and yellow squash and a red pesto that features kelp noodles and a sundried tomato basil. For the vegan dishes you can add: tofu, impossible sausage or grilled veggies.

Four Cheese with Gnocchi

If you are looking for pizza, the Impizza has a cauliflower crust that will allow you to indulge in your favorite pizza. The cauliflower crust has become popular, but despite how popular it is, not many people actually prepare in a way that resembles a pizza crust. Impasta does, as the crust is thick enough to hold up to the ingredients and it has a nice crunch to eat. You can choose from the classic margherita, a pesto version, barbeque chicken, prosciutto arugula and they must try white truffle pizza that can be topped off with an egg.

Finally, a quick on-the-go or quick healthy lunch option are the Impasta salads and bowls. The salads are all a plethora of ingredients and goodness including the Brussel sprout salad that has red onion, walnuts, dried cranberries and goat cheese. When it comes to the bowls, the cauliflower rice bowl is the perfect healthy dish to fill you up as well as keeping you energized throughout your day. A very hearty bowl of lots of assorted grilled veggies and then topped with the protein of your choice, this is as close to a perfect lunch as you will get.

White Truffle Pizza (Courtesy Impasta)

If for some reason your diet has limited your options, let your taste buds rejoice and visit Impasta. You can eat everything you love without the guilt, the calories as well as not worrying about any health restrictions. Once you try one Impasta dish, you will be back and back again to try them all as each one is uniquely flavorful, while still being healthy.

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