INCARNATION Cast and Crew at Hollywood Rooftop Premiere – Film Stars JESSICA UBERUAGA, Taye Diggs and Michael Madsen 

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ray Tamarra/Soul B Photos/Shutterstock (12808733ai) Jessica Uberuaga, Taye Diggs 'Incarnation' film premiere, Los Angeles, California, USA - 15 Feb 2022
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With lightning flashing over downtown Los Angeles, hail falling across the city and temperatures plunging 30 degrees from the previous day, it looked like curtains for the outdoor premiere of the new horror thriller INCARNATION on the rooftop of the magnificent Montalbán Theatre in the heart of Hollywood. Prolific producer and GREEN BOOK actor Mike Hatton was nonplussed. “I’m looking at the doppler [radar],” he said fearlessly. “It’s not going to rain; I used to be a TV weatherman.”

Photo by Ray Tamarra/Soul B Photos/Shutterstock (12808733ag) Jessica Uberuaga ‘Incarnation’ film premiere, Los Angeles, California, USA – 15 Feb 2022

Hatton was VERY lucky, but he was right. Rain and hail and snow fell just to the east, but dozens of stalwart supporters climbed the six flights of stairs and gathered under the stars (yes, there were stars) under blankets and heat lamps to celebrate the premiere with micheladas, burritos and traditional movie theatre snacks. Attending cast featured Jessica Uberuaga (THE TAKE BACK, THE FANATIC and MIND BLOWN and the upcoming sci-fi action series Salvage Marines), resplendent in a silver gown by Hamel carrying a rhinestone clutch by Reiss with MiuMiu silver heels; Taye Diggs (All American; CHICAGO, RENT, Private Practice), whose signature style started with his Converse Comme des Garçons Play x Chuck 70 High Top ‘Multi Heart’ sneakers; and young Antonio Jones and his mom Nica Williams. Joining them were: director Isaac Walsh; producer/actor Mike Hatton (GREEN BOOK); executive producer Asko Akopyan; Academy Award® Winner Nick Vallelonga (GREEN BOOK) and his friend Jacqueline Lord (Magnum P.I., Hawaii Five-O); Diggs’ girlfriend Apryl Jones (ANGIE’S CURE, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood); author/model/actress Autumn Adele and her artist friend Punk Me Tender; jewelry designer Samantha Lockwood (Hawaii Five-O; SHOOT THE HERO); Adrian Dev (Westworld, MULAN); and producer Jeff Beacher, among others.

Photo by Ray Tamarra/Soul B Photos/Shutterstock Jacqueline Lord, Nick Vallelonga ‘Incarnation’ film premiere, Los Angeles, California, USA – 15 Feb 2022

Based on the demon Mammon, INCARNATION is a twisted tale of greed about a young couple (Diggs and Uberuaga) chasing the American dream. After moving to Los Angeles in search of a better life, they stumble upon a real estate gem (managed by a landlord played by Madsen) and are elated by their turn of fortune. But they soon learn that desire comes with a hefty price when their home is hiding a secret far more sinister than they could have ever imagined, for the very walls are alive with evil.

Photo by Ray Tamarra/Soul B Photos/Shutterstock (12808733g) Antonio Jones, Taye Diggs ‘Incarnation’ film premiere, Los Angeles, California, USA – 15 Feb 2022

Shot with a micro-crew of twenty and a principal cast of only three actors in the early days of the pandemic, INCARNATION has a throwback feel that enhances the claustrophobia of the story, which unfolds largely inside the walls and yard of the house.  The result is “contained and nicely creepy,” according to  They continue, “in a good way, many scenes sound as if they are improvised, with people talking over each other or searching for words. This never drags, and creates a sense of authenticity and spontaneity. It’s easy to understand why Diggs signed on. His Brad is an extremely well-rounded, well-drawn character, whose attempts to escape one kind of darkness lead him into another. While Jess is defined mainly by her maternal desires, Uberuaga succeeds in giving her depth and letting us see her change. Madsen has an air of jovial menace… INCARNATION is worthwhile high-end low-budget genre fare.”

Photo by Ray Tamarra/Soul B Photos/Shutterstock (12808733bb) Samantha Lockwood ‘Incarnation’ film premiere, Los Angeles, California, USA – 15 Feb 2022

Co-written and directed by Isaac Walsh and co-written by Tyler Clair Smith. Executive Producers include Garrett Zinke, Ryan McDonald, Martin Andrew Lyon, Glen D Smith, Gary Smith, Gary Smith Jr, Asko Akopyan, Uberuaga, Diggs, Sandra Siegal, Eric Brenner, Lake Garner, Jerry Tankersley, Grant Guthrie and Michael Walker, with Mike Hatton as Producer.

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