Dr. Dee Thompson Presents 2021 GIA Honorary Doctorate Degrees in Humanitarianism on “9-11” in Florida

Dr. Reginald "Reggie" Johnson; Dr. William Lee Jr.; Dr. Violet L. Howard; Dr. Calvin Cylk Cozart; Dr. Jeff Sanders - Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
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The view from The Bahia Mar Ft Lauderdale Beach- a double Tree Hilton Hotel where the event was held Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

“9/11” will be remembered for many reasons including honoring individuals for their Heroism in the aftermath. This year, on “9/11” in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, the Global International Alliance University (GIA) under the leadership of Ambassador Dr. Lenora Peterson and Dr. Dee Thompson (Florida) honored and certified a prestigious Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism with several recipients earning dual awards with the Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for a lifetime of outstanding service and giving back to local and international communities.  

Ambassador Dr. Lenora Peterson of the Global International Alliance University (GIA) opens graduation with the Ashanti Cultural Arts Dancers – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Ambassador Dr. Peterson is the official Global Goodwill Ambassador Chief Executive Director for the Global International Alliance program (GIA) and was recently voted one of the “100 Most Successful Women in Business” in The Global Trade Chamber’s Book Collaboration.

The Legendary Ambassador Dr. Lenora Peterson – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Dr. Thompson, named 1 of 50 Most Powerful & Influential Black Leaders in South Florida by Legacy Magazine, is the Florida Regional Chaplain for the Global International Alliance program who presented her graduation ceremony event with grace, prestige, elegance, spiritual, excitement and fun.

Dr. Dee Thompson, native of Gary, Indiana comes to the podium with Michael Jackson’s song “Man In The Mirror”, how exciting and meaniful – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Dr. Thompson said, “It was a wonderful event to have so many humble, amazing people and how they made sacrifices to come on “9/11” touched my heart.  I’m still receiving so many calls saying the event was really good. Even the volunteers were happy to be there. Everybody was so warm, appreciative and down to earth.  Even Dr. Harry L. Smith Jr., the millionaire who owns 33 McDonald’s Restaurants and Founder of the Smith Foundation was down to earth. 

Dual Recipients Dr. Harry L. Smith Jr, McDonald’s Restaurants Owner, Real Estate Developer & Investor, and Founder of The Smith Foundation; Abenaa Bailey, Lobbyist Texas State Capitol and Dr. Mya Smith- Edmonds, McDonald’s Restaurants Owner, Motivational Speaker, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author – Photo Courtesy of Abenaa Bailey

People said I made everyone feel like we’ve known each other for years and you really made us feel part of this. I love people and if they feel that way, I have achieved my goal. Push them into their Purpose”.  I totally agree with Dr. Thompson, who also is an Executive Life Coach & Motivational Speaker. That is why I purchased her book, PurposeNeverDies™  on Amazon.

Renee Sudderth, Splash Magazine Photojournalist; Dr. Dee Thompson, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker Life Coach – Photo Courtesy of State Representative Debra Bazemore

Dee Thompson Speaks

Dee Thompson Speaks – Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

Dr. Frank D. Murphy, Retired NFL (Tampa Bay & Miami Dolphin) and author, “The Man Behind The Helmet” (on far left); Dr. Dee Thompson and Dr. Pastor Cornelius Edwards’s display – Dr. Edward, (Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award) gave us a highly spiritual rendition of “He’s Able” – Don’t give up on God cause he want give up on you – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Everyone was very enthusiastic about being part of this special, honorable, inspirational, motivational graduation ceremony. Even though I had several friends receive this honor this day, I was just as excited for others and gave them my full respect knowing they are making a difference in so many lives with their Humanitarianism.

Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” Garcia, Ms Corporate America 2018, Author “I Shall Arise” at Amazon, Celebrity Beauty Expert/Product Developer, Film Production Director; Dr. Jason Gilliam-Alexander, Florida Memorial University Men’s Basketball Coach, Sports Broadcaster, CEO of Mentoring Valuable Protoges – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Sonia Artwell, CEO LaFran Entertainment speaks while Dr. Dee Thompson, Dr. Calvin Cylk Cozart and Dr. Harry L. Smith Jr. listens and looks on – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Dwyane Wade Sr., President of ProPops Foundation, Youth Mentor; Dr. Sandra Justice – Award-Winning Actress/Executive Producer, Former Miss Haiti South Florida (Humanitarian) – Photo Courtesy of Dr. Sandra Justice


Dr. Tia Tatem said, “The event was awesome for me and I felt honored to be there. It motivated me to do more and continue to help others. It’s what God will have me to do. You have to be passionate, committed and totally grateful. I thank my parents for planting in us at an early age to get up and go help in the communities. Now, we have taught our children the same techniques of going out in the community and making a difference in other’s lives. We feed, clothe, have Toy Drive–Giveaways every year and so much more.”

Dr. Tia Tatem, CEO of Tatems Tax & Financial Services, a Senior Tax Preparer & Financial Advisor. Co-Founder of the Leaf of Love , Author of Amazon’s Best Seller,
The Power to Manage your Business & Personal Finances” and husband, Bernard Tatem, an electrician and amateur comedian – Photo Courtesy of Dr. Tia Tatem

Bernard Tatem, an amateur comedian said, “This event was major and I was so honored to be part of something so huge. I even had a “groupie” moment when I took photos with the Hollywood legendary actor, director Dr. Cylk Cozart. Also, he was very inspiring especially when he told his story earlier in his speech when he was 14 years old and how he jumped on his bicycle to go warn a couple their house was on fire like a little fireman”.

(3) Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Recipients – Georgia State Representative Dr. Debra Bazemore; Former Miami Gardens Mayor and current Commission Chair, Community Advocate & Humanitarian Oliver G. Gilbert, and Tracy Martin, CEO Trayvon Martin Foundation Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Calvin Cylk Cozart; Dr. Jason Gilliam-Alexander; Pastor Dr. Scott Claunch, Former Radio Show Host, Pastor of The Glass House Church, Davidson, NC; Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” Garcia; Dr. Davie L. Harvey – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Mya Smith; Dr. Jeff Sanders; Dr. Howard L. Smith; Dr. Tia Tatem, and Dr. Ivan “Chico Boom” Suarez’s sister standing in for him – Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarian Degree Recipients – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Ivan “Chico Boom” Suarez, International Speaker/Business Coach, Celebrity Barber, Youth Mentor, Entrepreneur, CEO of Worldwide Boom and his beautiful sister helping little brother on his graduation day, even though he was not able to be at the event in person, she stood in for him to receive his Honor – Photo Courtesy of Ivan “Chico Boom” Suarez

Dr. Reginald Johnson; Dr. Anthony J. Henderson; Dr. Missy Johnson; Dr. Violet L. Howard, Ex-Offender Advocate, Entrepreneur Founder/CEO Optimistic Journey Inc.; and Dr. Tragil Wade-Johnson, who gave a powerful, inspirational speech – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Dwyane Wade Sr., President of ProPops Foundation, Youth Mentor ProPopsUSA.com; Tragil J. Wade-Johnson, CEO & Founder America’s Big Sisters Foundation, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Author of “Listen up Lil Sis”; Dr. Tenaria Drummond-Smith, NY Regional Chaplain, CEO/Founder of Awesome Women On the Move, Multiple #1 Best-Selling AuthorPhoto Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Jeffery “Jeff” Sanders, former NBA Chicago Bulls/Atlanta Hawks & President Retired National Basketball Legends Association receives special honor from Dr. Dee Thompson, Dr. Lenora Peterson and Dr. Mildred Summerville (background)Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Jeffrey “Jeff” Sanders, former NBA Chicago Bulls/Atlanta Hawks & President Retired National Basketball Legends Association, Youth Program Advocate, receives special honor and shares with his mother, Mrs. Bernice Sanders, his daughter Jasmine Sanders, sister Mable Sanders-Heath (Savannah State University Basketball Hall of Fame), and nephew Devon Heath- He surprised his mother by not telling her why she was going to Florida, naturally she cried with pride and joy over her son’s huge accomplishment – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Dr. Bryce Thompson surprisely receives his Honorary Doctorate by Dr. Lenora Peterson while his parents, Mr. Loran and Dr. Dee Thompson and “Presidents Gold Award” siblings Lance and Denishia (not pictured) are so proud of all his hard work – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Lenora Peterson holding the “100 Most Successful Women” Best Seller and presenting recipients with Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award – L to R -Dr. Angela Posillico, CEO/Founder Ms International World; Dr. Maria Davila, College Professor, Founder of 100 Successful Women in Business Network; Al Otero, President of the Global Trade Chamber, International Speaker, Chairman of the Successful Women in Business Network – Photo Courtesy of Mr. Al Otero
Dr. Michelle Richards-Phillips, Evangelist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, President/Founder of Visions International Ministries CEO TV Host of www.GeTVishionedTV.com receives Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award while her family and friends comes to support her – Photo Courtesy of Dr. Michelle Richards
Georgia State Representative Dr. Debra Bazemore presenting surprisely her constituent, Dr. Reginald “Reggie” Johnson his State of Georgia Resolution – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Dr. Reginald Johnson, CEO of RJC Community Services, Inc and Renee Sudderth, Communication Director of RJohnson Community Services, Inc,. Also in July 2021, Dr. Johnson was inducted in the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Dr. Calvin Cylk Cozart not only received his Honorary Doctorate Humanitarianism Degree and Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, but he was awarded the keys to Broward County from former Mayor and now Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness. The presentation was an historical, unforgettable, sentimental moment knowing almost 40 years ago (1983), Mr. Cozart starred in his first movie “Blue Skies Again” in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and is still starring in movies as well as being a director.

(3) Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients – Dr. Calvin Cylk Cozart, Former Mayor, Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness and Dr. Dee Thompson beautiful, exciting moment – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Dr. Calvin Cylk Cozart’s Presentation Courtesy of Cylk Cozart

This 2021 Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarianism Graduation and Award Ceremony will never be forgotten and will be etched in our minds forever remembering where we were on 9/11 of 2021. To this day everyone is still talking and writing about this event. May someone be inspired by the many honorees that were highly acknowledged by Dr. Lenora Peterson, Dr.  Dee Thompson and the Global International Alliance.


Remember this award has been offered to persons who have made countless contributions to their society by way of community service, advocacy and philanthropic work. So, continue to care and do for others, give from the heart because someone is always watching you, but overall, you are watching yourself.

Therefore, do your best in this lifetime and you just may be one of the next elite graduates to walk across the stage earning your Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism.

Class 2021 Exiting In Style and Fun Courtesy of Dr. Violet L. Howard

Renee Sudderth, 33 year-Retired Air Force Veteran and Splash Magazine Photojournalist congratulates proudly Dr. Calvin Cylk Cozart, Actor, Director of ‘Inheritance The Land”, documentary release date soon – Photo Courtesy of Georgia State Representative Dr. Debra Bazemore
Dr. Reginald “Reggie” Johnson and Dr. Calvin Cylk Cozart earns their 2nd degree since their college days in Tennessee; then in 1983, Dr. Johnson was winning his NBA Philadelphia 76’rs Championship while Dr. Cozart was starring in his first Hollywood movie, “Blue Skies Again” and later “White Men Can’t Jump”, etc – Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Proud and Respected Women – Photo Courtesy of Dr. Lenora Peterson
The exciting graduation day ended with a “Jungle Queen” Cruise birthday celebration for Dr. Dee Thompson… Dr. Lenora Peterson and Mr. Loran D. Thompson, husband, Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee, Former NBA Player, Lincoln University (HBCU); far left – Dr. Davie L. Harvey, Retired Army Veteran, Implemented training from Japan to empower U.S. Corporations, Outreach Ministry, Homeless, Nursing Home, Youth Advocate- Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


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  7. KATRINA EDWARD – Sept 30, 2021 – Via FACEBOOK – Great event and great article Renee. What an exceptional group of people. Congratulations to all the honorees. Hats off to the families and friends who support and show up for you as well. Keep up the great work everyone.

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  9. A wonderful and exciting time was had by all. Renee’ always good to read your articles and see you so involved. Maybe one day you too will walk across that stage! Also, that guy sure had a good bicycle.🚲

  10. What an awesome article!! I am grateful to have been honored amongst so many incredible people that’s making a difference in their communities. Renee Sudderth captured a very special moment in our lives that will be unforgettable. The time that I’ve put into the development of my business and Nonprofit to help ex-offenders and the homeless was highlighted. I’m truly grateful.

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