The Tall Company – Making an Impact Within Communities

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In September of 2020, The Tall Company was founded in Chicago by Cammron Holliman.  Cammron says he created this company “because I enjoy taking care of people; always have, always will. The Tall Company’s mission is to “Help all people stand tall and overcome all obstacles…” In the mist of the COVID pandemic, Cameron wanted to bring aid to one of the hardest hit communities, those facing poverty and homelessness. His nonprofit’s mission is to connect people within their own communities as “resources often are within reach” 

One of the things that is most important to Cammron is to “talk to people to see how we can get them off the streets. After five months of being in the field we noticed some major flaws in the non-profit and charity world, especially when it came to communication.” Cammron then explains that while people mean well, there can be a disconnect. Sometimes what is donated is not what is needed. “This requires us to speak to the ones we want to help, ask questions to see what they need. These are regular people like you and me and most of the time they just want consideration and simple things to help live life as normally as possible.” For example, a request for a pair of reading glasses, simple, yet essential to this individual.

Food seems to be the number one item that people like to donate. Unfortunately, as Cammron explains, “food can be a burden when you have no refrigeration, no storage, and no means to eat a week’s worth of food in one day.  It’s more than likely going to spoil or become food for pests.” Furthermore, “I’ve witnessed people throw away food they felt was undesirable and not (something) they want to eat.” We can just ask what they would like to avoid this food waste. Cammron also encourages everyone to do your homework before donating to a non-profit. Find out where donations and funding is going. At the end of the day, Cammron says that it is “easier when you have the support of your community to help those in need. It takes a village and we must work together.  If you know someone hiring, reach out to people without jobs. If you know someone in need of education and you have access to programs, reach out to the people who need it. 

The Tall Company works with many different people. While funding is mostly out of their own pocket, they have about ten volunteers, and some sponsors. Cammron says, “I involve my entire global network to get the job done. People usually volunteer via social media, or by contacting me directly.  We like to work with people and businesses who like to help others.” For example, they have collaborated with another organization, A KINDER EARTH. He also notes, “because I am a fashion designer,  I tend to work with up and coming brands and companies as sponsors that have the most exclusive and unique items” such as Federico Price.  These items are raffled and proceeds are put towards the Tall Company’s efforts. Cammron says, “we have what we call “Tall Perks” These are events or projects that we organize and in which brands can take part, generate profits earned from the events and donations to help the community and in turn promote the sponsors with videos, commercials, photos, and marketing on our social media.”

While based in Chicago, Cammron says that they have been able to travel to Indianapolis, and Las Vegas to feed and encourage people. “Las Vegas was an amazing experience!” he says. “We had the opportunity to speak with several residents who were living on the streets.” In Indianapolis, a man asked for a pair of boots and a bike lock. “When we came back with the items, he immediately took off his old shoes and threw them away. After putting on his new boots he asked us, “Well what are you waiting for? Take a picture of us with my new shoes! Of course we did and it was one of the best feelings ever.”

In ending this interview, I asked, how do you know you are heading in the right direction to achieve the goal of The Tall Company? Cammron says, “The Tall Company is definitely moving in the right direction. We have managed to assist people with housing, find jobs, and get the proper tools needed to be successful. It is not just about us (as individuals), and we can see the difference with (watching) the community step up! We have had the opportunity to guide people to the ones that need help. The Tall Company’s social media and website is constantly being tagged by people who need help or by people who have the means to help. We have become the batline of helping those in need. It’s right where we want to be.”

To learn more about The Tall Company, visit them here or follow them on social media. 

YouTube: The Tall Company

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Photos courtesy of Cammron Holliman


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  1. Proud is an understatement, when it comes to what Cammron Hollimon has already accomplished and will continue to push for maximum results. He is very driven and has consistently pushed himself as well as those around him to not just to do better,no maintains that we must be better in all aspects of our lives…

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