Puppies and More – Emily’s Gift – True story of Sherlock and Jackson- Book Review

Emily's Gift - That Keeps on Giving
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Has anyone told you that you can’t have something you really, really want? 

Most kids want pets and young Emily, the third daughter of Ellen and Michel Shane, desperately wanted a dog but the answer to the family had always been no because of his allergies.  In the story, Emily’s Gift: The True Story of Sherlock and Jackson, published by KP Publishing, is the first in a series imparting positive themes for kids.  It’s being released on August 4, 2020. 

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The book journeys Emily’s progress in finally getting her family to fall in love with two Jack Russell Terrier puppies and even won over her father, whose allergies subsided after a time, and taught them the meaning of love.  Her persistence showed that one can turn a “no” into a “yes” if one does it the right way.  The book goes into choosing a dog, the responsibilities of dog ownership, and properly caring for the puppy.

Emily, unfortunately, was murdered at the age of 13, as she walked down Pacific Coast Highway by a drunk driver.  A person who always cared for and was concerned with the needs of others, she constantly looked for ways to preform good deeds.

Two years after her daughter’s death, Ellen Shane had vivid dreams that guided her on the writing of this, her first book in her daughter’s memory.  More will be coming. 

In her memory, the family developed the Emily Shane Foundation and SEA – Successful Educational Achievement – Program that mentors and supports struggling middle school students – many who have since now gone from failing to graduating with honors and attending college. Part of their payment for the mentoring is that they must do a good deed to pay it forward for every mentoring session they have and it fosters a mind set of kindness.  “We hope it will bring more social consciousness into the world.”  

Ellen Shane with Sherlock and Jackson

Proceeds from the book go the foundation and to an animal rescue program.  The Shanes hope to continue to spread their daughter’s perpetual light unto the world through the book and the foundation that it supports.  “Emily always tried to help any person or living creature in need,” her mother said. “Our hope is that her values and persona will be forever remembered through the philanthropic endeavors and acts of helping others that the Foundation pursues.”  It’s a great organization. 

Ellen, herself, is a native of Montreal, Canada and a dog lover as well as wife, mom, public speaker and co-founder/executive director of the Emily Shane Foundation.  She also supplies private grief counseling sessions and has been recognized by KNX as 1070 Honda Hero of the Week (October 2018) and has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barak Obama in 2015, as well as many other prestigious awards.  She has a degree in marketing with a concentration in Organizational Behavior from McGill University in Montreal and resides now in Southern California.

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A Spanish version of the book will be published shortly.

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