The Evolution of Los Angeles Photographer Barry Nadell – From Glamour to Fashion

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Glamour and Fashion Photography are not the same!  However, most of us, not in the industry, have been living under this misconception that Glamour Photography and Fashion Photography are the same – pictures are pictures.  Not true.  Glamour and Fashion are two different branches of photography.  Although they are very much related to each other, the details about them are totally different. 


Fashion Photography

Barry Nadell has always been drawn to shooting glamour-style photos.  He created a company – Vantage Models, LLC – and went on to be recognized and published, internationally.  His photography took him to exotic destinations and his work is held in high esteem by his peers.  He loves Glamour Photography and that has not changed.  But it was in Santorini, Greece, during a photo shoot class, offered by some of the world’s top photographers, that Nadell found a new passion — Fashion Photography.  “I am evolving and it’s exciting!  There is a fine line between Glamour and Fashion Photography.  So, I began working with Creative Director, Diego Valdez of The Hollywood Trinity, and he has helped me to define these differences, which are paramount to understanding Glamour vs. Fashion,” says Nadell.  So what are the significant differences?

Glamour Photography

  • With Fashion Photography, the clothes, accessories, makeup, shoes or any other product worn or carried by the model is the focal point, whereas, with Glamour Photography, the main purpose is to endorse the model itself.  For example, a photo shoot for Vogue is Fashion Photography and a photo shoot for Playboy Magazine is Glamour Photography.
  • The models in Fashion Photography give the ‘feeling good’ look when they are wearing the brand clothes, makeup, or whatever is being promoted, whereas Glamour Photography is more about situational moods. The expressions of the model can be happy, sad, angry or sensual, depending upon the theme of the photo shoot.
    Fashion Photography
  • The models required for Fashion Photography are usually thin and heighted so that the focus is completely on the wardrobe.  With Glamour Photography, the models have “curves” and need to be open- minded, bold, and more expressive.
  • Fashion Photography is all about the clothing or accessories being promoted and Glamour Photography is about the model — the clothing or accessories are secondary.
  • On occasion, there can be a blend of Fashion AND Glamour Photography when a particular fashion brand also wants to promote the model, if the model is the Brand Ambassador.
Glamour Photography

“Just as a photographer should know how to operate a camera, a Fashion Photographer should possess a basic knowledge of fashion,” says Nadell.  A good understanding of the subject will go a long way towards helping your career, so Nadell recommends studying the history of fashion; fashion from different periods and eras; designers, icons and image-makers; fashion terminologies, hairstyles and make-up looks, fashion films, and documentaries and current industry news.

“Fashion is a tough industry.  It’s competitive and aggressive.  Do consistently good work, stay true to your vision and the value of your quality will show with time.  You will be successful.  Don’t ever give up,” says Nadell,” who continues with Glamour Photography while simultaneously evolving into a top Fashion Photographer.  @barrynadellphotography

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Photographer, Barry J. Nadell, a Los Angeles native, was born into a world of fashion and celebrity.  Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbi Reynolds and Betty Grable were just a few of the “runway models” who “performed” for ‘Hand Knit Elegance’ by Diane Abramson – a world renowned clothing designer and Nadell’s friend and mother.  Growing up in the fashion industry under Diane’s tutelage, the young apprentice received first-hand knowledge about photography, fashion, celebrity and, most important, discipline.  Having an ‘eye’ for fashion and a talent for photography is good, but you must tell a story… and that takes structure and discipline,” says Nadell.  

All photos by Barry Nadell Photography.

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  1. I’ve been shooting with Barry for two years and I’ve seen an amazing transition in his work. He is dedicated to learning and growing as a professional in the industry and takes his photography seriously. Amazing man, photographer and friend. Very Proud of him and I am always looking forward to shooting with him again!

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