Public School 702 Restaurant Review – An Education in Food, Beer and Fun

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Recess, lunch boxes and homework might be distant memories, but they don’t have to stay that way. Public School 702, located in Summerlin right outside of Las Vegas, has created a setting where all of those childhood memories will surround you, along with incredibley creative food along with plenty of beverages to remind you that you are an adult.

Public School isn’t just a clever name; it is a restaurant that created a setting that makes your head spin as you look at the classic school setting that envelops the gigantic 14,000 square foot setting. Flashcards hang from the ceiling and classic items from your childhood can be found at every turn. I’m not going to give it all away, but your first visit will be one of wonderment. Your curiosity might get you in the door, but the eclectic food and wide ranging beer lineup will keep you coming back.

Lamb burger

When you were in school you could only dream of the day some of the menu items at Public School would turn up on the cafeteria menu when you were a kid. There would have been a fight in the lunch line to get an order of bacon cheddar tots or chorizo mac & cheese. The bacon cheddar tots might be the ultimate bar food as you are served oversized tater tots fried to a perfect crisp and stuffed with crisp bacon and oozing with cheese. If you like that cheese you are going to love rich mac & cheese that is served with plenty of sliced chorizo to give it a spicy flavor and topped off with chips you can scoop it up with to give it a gourmet nacho feel. If you want to feel like your mom is choosing making you eat vegetables, the crispy buffalo cauliflower will appease both you and your mom. The twist on healthy cauliflower has more buffalo wing than veggie flavor in each bite.

Beet and goat cheese salad

Public School doesn’t do anything ordinary as you can guess and when it comes to burgers each and everyone has something a little special about them. To start off you are going to find a Colorado Lamb Burger which is a little bit like a gyro on a bun. Topped with arugula, cucumber, tzatzki sauce and feta cheese, you are get the richness of the lamb with a wonderfully refresh and light balance from all those toppings.

Chicken and Waffles

Any day is worth stopping by the Public School but Sunday brunch is as good as it gets whether you are in Las Vegas or Summerlin. Sitting on the patio surrounded by palm trees and enjoying the beautiful view creates a perfect setting. The chicken and waffles experience at Public School is elevated with the dish topped off with an egg and simply amazing homemade bacon red eye gravy that is so delicious you will find yourself asking for seconds even once you are done with the dish itself. You can also try the flavorful chicken sausage and cheddar grits and make sure you order the unlimited varieties of mimosas and bloody Mary’s or or a beermosa, which combines fresh squeezed o.j. and Avery White Rascal beer. A Sunday so flavorful you will never want to leave. Public School is not limited to those heavy and rich dishes, you will be amazed at the depth of flavors in the roasted beet and goat cheese salad. The golden beets and goat cheese really make this salad, but adding yogurt lime dressing, pistachio and sherry wine vinaigrette really brings this salad to life.

Public School 702 Patio (Courtesy Public School)

Leftovers for homework and games such as beer pong make Public School 702 the best educational setting in the history of education. If you are looking for a fun experience for any type of group, Public School is one restaurant that will not disappoint with a menu that is unique as the restaurant itself. Just remember your notebook, you will want to write down all the names of all the fabulous beers as you will be quizzed later.

Rotating beer lineup

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