60 Seconds With Jeannie Jones

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iHeart Radio Personality Jeannie “Kitty of the City” Jones, was just cast in “The Dating Playbook”, composed music for LionsGate Film “Stuck” and is working on hosting a segment on ABC for American Idol this Spring.  She is literally on the move with all of her recent projects and is always finding new ways to host events for women & children’s charities.  We had the honor of sitting down with her for a little Q & A…

When did you know without any doubt that you wanted to act, produce, host?

It was at the tender age of 4 when I started in theater and dance that I knew that entertainment was a lifetime commitment for me.

What inspires you to entertain, direct, produce, and write?

What inspires me to create for my audience is knowing that my goal is to create content that makes them feel something. Feel good, feel sexy, feel motivated, feel challenged, feel any emotion that stimulates the brain.

When did you realize you had reached your goals as an entertainer?

Most likely I’ll never feel like I’ve reached my goal because I’m always challenging myself to reach higher heights. I have levels of goals I can check off my bucket list but so many more to accomplish. My goals are broken down into levels from daily,monthly, annually to long term.

What was your favorite role to date and why?

My favorite role to date was a character named Star. That role challenged me the most emotionally and physically. She was a very successful top rated media personality with a lifestyle and relationship to match. Her life takes a 360 degree plunge when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Her network cancels her show, her fiancé ends the relationship and when she begins to lose her hair, she felt like life was definitely ending until she formed relationships with other women at a rehab facility who were facing their own battles with cancer. Together, they realized that no matter the struggle, you’re a stronger person with a different appreciation for life and its journey.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

There are so many aspects I love about my career, but what stands out most is giving back to my community. Everything I do ultimately is to empower other women and inspire children through mentoring, educating and developing ways we all can make an IMPACT in the world to be a better place and create more opportunities to win.

Can we expect a book from you?

I get asked that question a lot, LOL . I have so much to share from behind the scenes of the entertainment business and media to how to take your talent, product or brand and takeover the world to knowing what relationships to build, which ones to stamp an expiration date on and the warning signs in between. Once I figure out which will lead, you’ll know a release date.

What is the best way for your fans to know what you’re working on? Facebook/Twitter? Do you post for your own sites or do you have your assistants do the posts?

You can always interact with me on all social media platforms @TheJeannieShow, JeannieJones.com and I even have a Meow Hotline you can call me on 24/7 at 1-855-8JJ-MEOW that’s 1-855-855-6369.


Tell us something new, something bold that you’ve never told any other magazine…news tip 🙂

I can give you a little exclusive update about my Grant My Wish Foundation which provides educational and life changing experiences for children around the world. This year I’m planning to do two coasts in two days with a major corporation to provide for underprivileged  children and to create moments that will last a lifetime.

For more information please visit her official website.

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