Dental Care – The New and Improved Ways to Care for Your Teeth

Teeth are important to your health in so many ways. Yet they seem too often be an afterthought and they are treated with the same old methods that have been used for decades. As with anything else, times change and how we treat our teeth should change as well. Splash Magazines Worldwide has put together some dental care items and tips to help you keep your teeth healthy and in your mouth for the rest of your life.

When it comes to teeth guards, nothing sends fear into your pocketbook quite like a dentist telling you that you need one for any reason. If you need one, well you really do need one for the long-term health of your teeth, but these are rarely if ever covered by insurance so you are looking at $400 to $500 or more to get a fitted mouthguard. That might sound excessive and that is only because it is. Adding insult to injury is that you are going to have to make another appointment a few weeks down the road to pick up your mouthguard and check the fitting. Pro Teeth Guard not only cuts the dentist out of the process, saving you time, but they cut cost, saving you a lot of money!

The entire Pro Teeth Guard process takes about 3-4 weeks from start to finish and they make it fool-proof for you to get a perfect mouthguard. Pro Teeth Guard mails you an at-home dental impression kit for you to use to take your own teeth impressions. They give you a large and small size tray for your upper and lower teeth, making sure you have the perfect fit. Then you use the puddy that they provide, place it in the teeth, hold it of a few minutes and then you simply mail your teeth impressions back to Pro Teeth Guard using the return envelope provided, which includes a pre-paid, pre-addressed return label. They also provide extra puddy in case the first attempt might not have went so well. In addition if they are not quite correct once Pro Teeth Guard gets them, they will mail you back another set to take another impression. They are all about making sure they get a perfect impression of your teeth so that you get the perfect mouthguard. If that doesn’t sound easy enough, Pro Teeth Guard has a step-by-step video online for you to view. The real test is once you get your custom guard and I can state without question that my guard fit perfectly and continues to protect my teeth every night as I sleep.

While you might have 100% faith in your dentist, the truth is that the dentist once they take the impression, send it off to a dental lab to be made. The Pro Teeth Guard lab is owned and operated by a dental lab technician with over 20 years of experience in the dental industry. They have delivered thousands of perfectly fitted night guards, partial and full dentures, dental crowns and bridges to dentists, so you can expect the same high quality service. For more information, visit: Pro Teeth Guard

The old standard tube of toothpaste that you grew up with, that you see on store shelves and that your dentist recommends at your twice yearly visit is what you might have come to know and live by, but times have changed and now we know better. The old saying is “invention is the mother of necessity” and that certainly applies to Frau Fowler’s Tooth & Gum Powders, whose creator Perry Fowler is on a mission to change the way you brush your teeth.

Frau Fowler was founded by Perry Louis Fields (aka “The Frau”) after a debilitating illness forced her to step away from her life as a fierce track and field athlete right after the 2004 Olympic Trials. Perry created her line of Frau Fowler’s Tooth & Gum Powders using organic essential oils and proven functional ingredients. In addition to creating a healthier brushing experience, the tooth powders come in four great tasting flavors including; Power Mint Tooth Powder, Highlander Licorice Tooth Powder, Citrus Samurai Mint Tooth Powder and Mouth Medic Tooth Powder.

Perry Fields at Expo West 2017

Perry put a lot of thought and time into developing her ingredient list and every ingredient has a purpose and the best part is you will know each ingredient without having to google it to figure out what it is. The ingredient list and the benefits are; Calcium Carbonate: Often as powerful as fluoride for preventing cavities, Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt Crystals: Highly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, High Quality Wild-Crafted and/or Organic Essential Oils: For flavor, antibacterial and healing properties, Xylitol: Non-GMO, helps inhibit growth of cavity-causing bacteria, Sodium Bicarbonate: Offers a fine abrasion that takes stains off teeth, is antiseptic to prevent infections and is alkaline and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: A potent antibacterial and traditional dental remedy.

“My autoimmune illnesses seemed incurable until I found a biological dentist who got rid of the massive infection caused by getting my wisdom teeth removed many years before,” said Fowler. “I created these products to address tooth decay and gum disease while using the platform to educate and save people from seemingly incurable diseases that often have roots in oral pathology.”

Perry has put together a list of her top tips to keep your teeth healthy:

If you can’t pronounce it. Don’t put it in your mouth. That rule of thumb extends to ingredients you can pronounce, as if it’s not considered a food grade ingredient, you’re consuming (even if you spit and rinse) what’ you’re brushing with or using as a mouthwash. The mucosal lining of the mouth is 90% effective in absorption. This is all of the soft tissue in the mouth. It’s why we have sublingual vitamins. Once it’s in the mouth, you will be consuming it. There has been public service campaigns talking about cosmetics and the amount of toxins you accumulate over years of wearing makeup everyday, but little has been said about personal care items and even less about oral care.

If you have sensitive teeth, you need MINERALS! The majority of people in the US have some sort of vitamin or mineral deficiency. Sensitive teeth mean enamel is wearing and you’re enamel is an extension of the bone underneath. Bones need minerals. Look for products , like ours, that are highly mineral based. All of our formulas use calcium carbonate and it’s found in almost all desensitizing formulas and it’s natural and edible.

Use an ultra soft toothbrush! Most people do not know what’ truly soft is when it comes to toothbrushes. Nothing is more abrasive than they type of brush you use. Ultra soft brushes are the best bet for those brushing 2-3 times daily and for those who have sensitive teeth or do not want to get sensitive teeth!

Natural does not mean not effective. There are thousands of cavity studies and many ingredients used in these studies are 100% natural and no-toxic to consume. These studies show very interesting research on the effectiveness of ingredients that are not often found in oral care products today. Switch to oral care products that are natural and use food-grade ingredients. Once you get going using more natural products, it’s very hard to go back.

Pay attention to how long your mouth is acidic. If you eat and consume drinks during the day, more than likely you’re leaving your mouth acidic. You have several options. You can chew gum or eat mints that use xylitol to neutralize the acid in your mouth or you can brush your teeth afterwards OR you can stick your tongue and swish around your tooth powder, which goes a bit further than just neutralizing acid. But do something! Acid is how you erode enamel and it’s also how invite anaerobic bacteria into the mouth quicker (that creates cavities and gum health issues).

Your oral care products SHOULD be strong. Part of the battle is brushing to physically knock off build up of tartar and plaque. The other part of the battle is knowing how many hundreds of types of bacteria are in the mouth at any given time. Oral care usually focuses on bacteria, but at the same time you can also have mold, fungus and viruses in the mouth. Make sure your products are antiseptic and strong! Remember, nature provides HIGH strength healing. Look for products that use salt and organic essential oils.

Salt is King. Natural salts provide trace minerals and are also anti-bacterial in nature. The can promote enamel and gum health naturally. Salt has been chastised in this country and while, it’s unfortunately too prevalent in shelf stable foods, it’s also necessary for the both to fight off infection and needed for blood plasma health. One of the best things you can do first thing in the morning, is to gargle and spit salt water, using a natural form of salt like sea salt or himalayan. Make sure to gargle and hit your tonsils as they typically carry lots of bacteria.

Tap water is often acidic. Stop rinsing. One of the hardest concepts for people is to retrain the way they take care of their oral health. Because of the chemicals used to “treat” water, tap water is often acidic,rinsing your mouth when you’re done brushing should be a thing of the past. If you’re using a oral care product with food grade ingredients, it’s usually best to just spit and not rinse! With our toothpowder you can do just that! We encourage it and because it tastes more like a dissolvable mint, it’s easy not to feel like you have too. You keep the oral cavity healthy, for longer this way. If you use a water pick, just do that first as part of your oral care routine.

Floss daily. You’ve heard this a million times and here’s one more time. Use expanding floss or one that uses essential oils for maximum results.

For more information, visit: Frau Fowler and if you are attending Natural Products Expo West 2018, you can hear Perry at the Natural Products Business School where she will speak. You can also visit booth N515 if you are at Expo West.


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