Coronado Playhouse Review – The Addams Family Come To The Beach

Addams entire family including ancestors - photo by Ken Jacques
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By Kathy Carpenter

Addams family most of cast – photo by Ken Jacques


Coronado Playhouse one of the longest running community thaters in San Diego starts it’s 72nd season: It’s a Family Affair with The Addams Family A New Musical. Within seconds of the opening notes we are drawn in. Two snaps of our fingers brings us back to the old television show. Although completely new everything we know and love from the original show are there, including cousin It who is not in most versions.

Sarah Aida Leclair as Morticia – Christopher T.Miller as Gomez – photo by Ken Jacques
Loved by all. I brought my niece in her early twenties and she love the show. Drawing a new generation to the theatre who could argue with plays compelling family to spend time together,

The themes of The Addams family – Don’t be afraid to be different – Stay true to yourself – Follow your heart at all cost – And Love wins the day. It’s all about family. Father for his daughter and wife. A daughter for her fiancee, and family. A mother for her husband and daughter.

Gomez Christopher T. miller and Wednesday, Megan Decker – photo by Ken Jacques
Little Wednesday is grown up and in love. She invites her boyfriend and his normal mom and dad to dinner. She tells her dad they are going to marry but asks him not to tell Morticia until after dinner. Forcing Gomez to keep a secret from his wife – something he’s never done. Throw in the rest of the creepy Addams, and their ancestors, plus three normal people, sprinkle with music and you have a hit. Fun and entertaining. A night for you to put away your world and escape to the dark side.
Wednesday and Pugsley – Megan Decker and Maximo Paniagua – photo by Ken Jacques

Director and Choreographer Rayme Sciaroni, brings us the reminder no matter how far out you think your family – families stick together. Doing a fabulous job of creating the cast of mysterious and ooky Addams.

Grandma and Pugsley. Kat Fitzpatric and Maximo Paniagua – photo by Ken Jacquez
Christopher T. Miller, plays the head of the family, Gomez. Who delivered his jokes flawlessly setting the stage for his family to follow. I was most impressed by Sarah Aida Leclisr, as Morticia. Who came close to upstaging Gomez. Uncle Fester is such a wonderful character in this show. Ryan Burtanog took on mastering this role. High school senior, Megan Decker, identifying with a goth Wednesday. Lucas is usually a background role. As Wednesday boyfriend he doesn’t really have a big part. Kaivan Mohsenzadeh, might have done the best job I’ve seen. Pugsley, was played by Maximo Paniagua, also a nice job. Grandma, another great character, was taken on by Kat Fitzpatrick. Alice Bieneke, is a character I always identify with, in this version she played by Alyssa Anne Siegle, and I loved her. James Flaherty, played Mal Bieneke. also one of the best I’ve see, Loveable Lurch, played by Thomas Fitzpatrick, and Cousin It by Annabelle Foster. Add in nine ancestors, and this particular tale can not be told without them and you have a huge cast of incredible.
Sarah Aida Leclair as Morticia – Christopher T.Miller as Gomez – photo by Ken Jacques
An eight piece live orchestra brings us the fabulous score. My music in this show is sung by Uncle Fester in love with the moon.
Coronado Playhouse teams up with Voices for Children on this show. Check out for more infomation.
The Addams Family – A New Musical
Coronado Playhouse
January 19.- February 25, 2018\
1835 Strand Way, Coronado
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